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Kids’ Gift Benefits Grandparents

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By James Gaffney

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One day a year has been set aside to honor a generation that gives of itself 365 days a year. That day is Grandparents Day.

It falls on Sept. 8 this year (2003), which is when Americans will honor those unsung heroes and heroines whose many sacrifices have made life easier and better for succeeding generations.

Many people are unaware that Grandparents Day exists and would be puzzled by the prospect of what to give as a gift. In fact, if one were to ask any grandparent what he or she would like for Grandparents Day, the odds are the reply would be, “Something I can give my grandchildren, something that will make them healthier and happier.”

People forget that what makes grandparents happy is seeing their grandchildren (and their children, of course) happy, many experts say. Many grandparents see their grandchildren every day.

The U.S. Census Bureau reported that grandparents headed 2.3 million American households in 1993. That figure represents 2.5 percent of American households. That number is expected to increase.

Grandparents often wind up taking care of their grandchildren for long periods of time. Watching active youngsters can be challenging at any age, which is why grandparents would certainly welcome new products that enable them to keep tabs on their grandchildren without constant physical exertion.

One such product being marketed by Tender Care Products, the Parent Pager, is a dual-unit electronic device that sounds an alarm if a child wanders beyond a pre-determined distance. For enhanced safety when playing around water, the grandparents’ unit immediately sounds if the child’s unit is inadvertently shut off or if the batteries get low.

“It isn’t easy for grandparents to keep track of their grandchildren every moment, especially in the hectic, fast-paced world in which we live,” said Geoffrey Walsh, chairman of Venture Initiatives, which markets the unit. “Parent Pager is an excellent way to give children a manageable amount of freedom and their grandparents peace of mind at the same time.”


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Written by Cecil Scaglione

December 8, 2011 at 12:48 am

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