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As Father’s Day Approaches …

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1196632934UAxn32. . . the thought surfaces that one’s life is made whole by knowing one’s own.

Did you know your dad? And did you get to know your sister? How about your son?

There’s a wholeness and wholesomeness about recalling the times when they might have shared their favorite song or their proudest moment.

For many, there’s a feeling of sadness in the stew of sentiment that lingers long after family members are gone that’s seasoned with the salt of guilt for not taking the time to get to know them mixed with a pinch of bitterness and anger for not being given the opportunity to do so.




Written by Cecil Scaglione

May 28, 2016 at 8:15 am

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Now That the Bison . . .

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. . . has been proclaimed our national mammal, some changes may have to be made to keep us Politically untitledCorrect.

First off is a new name for that lakeside city in New York and its NFL team will become the Bison Bills. We can’t overlook the Old West’s  legendary shooter and showman — Bison Bill.

There’ll be some revised  song lyrics (“O give me a home, where the bison roam . . .) as well as song titles (“Shuffle off to Bison). And restaurants will have to make menu changes: Bison Burgers.

There could be more but I don’t know if Native Americans will regale listeners with the “Legend of the White Bison.”




Written by Cecil Scaglione

May 13, 2016 at 9:01 am