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Take Comfort When Flying

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Travel time is returning with a slew of new conditions to take into consideration, especially on lengthy trips.

The pent-up yen to get away and go faraway that was nurtured during the COVID-19 lockups and quarantines makes it more important than ever to pre-plan and prepare for your journey.

Along with preparing piles of clothing, medications and travel aids, one of your early steps should be a plan to make your flight to and from your destinations comfortable.

First of all, things have changed since before the pandemic closed down the globe. Including air travel.

A simple but significant change is that passengers no longer can count on getting a pillow, eye mask, blanket, or other comfort items once they board their aircraft.

So you have to pack your own.

That means going shopping for an effective and comfortable face mask that’s still required on most flights. Several types are available, many with a supply of disposable filters to protect you from invasive bacteria while you’re away.

To help you sleep, you’ll have to take your own pillow, blanket, eye shades and whatever else you think you’ll need.

Dressing right can help. Wear loose comfortable clothing. A light sweater works well and you can pack a light scarf or shawl keep you comfortable. A toque will serve you well as a nightcap.

A hoodie wraps you up snugly, too.

There no assurance you’ll have access to a headset so you might want to plan your own entertainment with movies or games on a lap-top. Your own headset can also blank out annoying sounds, such as a grumbling jet engine just outside the window or a crying baby in the seat behind you.

Packing small, easy-to-get-to, non-sticky snacks will make the jaunt more palatable while easing your hunger pains.

If you can’t afford flying First Class, you might check on the price of an upgrade to a seat with extra leg room.

Written by Cecil Scaglione

March 18, 2022 at 3:00 am

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