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Included among the list of don’ts in my life is to never talk about infinity because the conversation could go on forever. As we were growing up, my sister applied for a job at the post office but they wouldn’t letter because they said only mails worked there. She got a job at a calendar factory but that didn’t last long because they fired her after she took a day off.

My brother wanted to buy a boat so I told him to look under the For Sail section in the classified ads.

There was the time I ran into my friend and, when I visited him in the hospital, he asked me why I didn’t miss him. He said he was sleeping like a log so I told him he’d have to start looking for a fireplace. He also had a wife who had a photographic memory. The problem was, she never developed it.

After a trip to Australia I had trouble remembering how to throw a boomerang but it usually came back to me.

I’ve always thought that becoming a vegetarian would be a big misteak. There are health nuts trying to ground me because I drink coffee. And waking up this morning to write this opus was an eye-opening experience.

Written by Cecil Scaglione

May 15, 2022 at 3:00 am

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