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Don’t Answer Ringing in Your Ears

Any ringing, whistling, whooshing or hissing sound in one or both ears when there is no external source of noise could be a sign of tinnitus. Up to 15 percent of adults have prolonged tinnitus that often requires medical evaluation. The problem can interfere with sleep, concentration and daily activities.
Tinnitus often is caused by age-related hearing loss. Exposure to loud noises also can damage hearing and lead to tinnitus. It can be caused by something as simple as a buildup of wax blocking the ear canal. Some medications, certain antibiotics, and cancer drugs can cause or worsen tinnitus. Aspirin taken in excessive amounts can cause temporary ringing in the ears.
There is no cure. A medication change or removal of earwax may diminish symptoms for some people. Beneficial treatment strategies include:
— Amplifying hearing with a hearing aid;
— Avoiding excessive noise, such as using ear plugs when operating noisy machines and tools;
— Avoiding such stimulants as caffeine, nicotine and decongestants;
— Adding soothing background noise, such as quiet music or a fan, and
— Using sedatives or antidepressants when the condition interferes with sleep or causes a high level of anxiety or stress.

Written by Cecil Scaglione

October 12, 2022 at 3:00 am

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