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Telemedicine Keeps Doctor Away

Your best health tool may be your cell phone.

Call it telemedicine or telehealth, it’s the future of doctor-patient relationships and it’s already arrived.

Telehealth exploded during the COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns and there no longer is any question within and without the medical community that telemedicine is here to stay.

While face-to-face visits with primary-care physicians and specialists are expected to continue for critical cases, chronic-care no longer will call for a patient to get a ride to the doctor’s office. It can be handled by phone or computer.

Which could also be part of a growing problem because it’s difficult to reach a real person by phone anymore, even to make appointments.

After an annual visit to a specialist monitoring his liver condition, a relative was told to make appointments for an ultrasound reading and a blood test. The blood-test appointment had to be made online and it took several sessions with a computerized voice to get called by a person to make the ultrasound appointment.

A computerized phone call notified him the results of the test were posted on the patient portal in his computer. He had to read — and translate — the results himself. He assumed everything was routine because the doctor, or his assistant, would call if there were any problems or peril.

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Written by Cecil Scaglione

February 27, 2023 at 8:59 pm

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