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This Is a Start …

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Mary Brown writes:

Great idea Cecil – count me in.

Mary Ellen Hayes writes:   

Just some suggestions for your newsletter
Coming Soon column – let us know what is going to be happening. I just heard we are
expanding water aerobics to 3 times per week. If we can put out what will be coming that will show up on the next month’s calendar. I don’t get downstairs a lot to watch the tv so it would get out to a lot more residents.
On-going activities – have someone from the activity tell what is happening in their activity – maybe explain what that activity is so we can decide if it is something we are interested in. Currently you only see the name of the activity on the calendar and really don’t know what it is – might help with getting more people deciding to join in. Maybe highlight one activity at a time.
I have always said we lack communication. If an activity has changed or cancelled it helps to know ahead of time. Also, things happening in the building like elevator not working, power or tv outage, repairs like carpet replacement. Maybe you can get Mary to update you or add information to your online news.
Thank you for all you are doing for our community – you add a lot to our lives. These are just suggestions.

Good suggestions, all we need is for the folks behind those activities to drop a line. And when someone sees the elevator isn’t working, let us know.

Written by Cecil Scaglione

September 13, 2022 at 3:00 am