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R & R time really means …

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… relatives and reminisces, which is what Bev is relishing this week. It’s my turn next week back in Toronto. Her aunt and uncle have been doppling us with fresh fruit and fantastic home-made — really made at home here — Pennsylvania-Dutch desserts — can you get a whiff of shoo-fly pie??? —  between jaunts here there and everywhere that reverberates Bev’s early years in this region. We also lunched and lollygagged with her other aunt and uncle and with a friend she made at her first job out of high school.

Yesterday was a quick jaunt up to Hershey, which prompted me to start the argument: who came up with chocolate kisses first?  Was it Perugia with its baci (kiss) and did Hershey copy it, or vice versa?  Today (Saturday) we’re sked for a gathering of the clan at a Kutztown tavern. Eldest will be in late 80s and youngest in early 20s. We’ll report later because we’re set to go.

Rambling and rogue thunderstorms are forecast for this area for the next three days. If we can get by Syracuse Monday in half-decent weather, that’ll be a plus. Our trip down here Monday was the first time in more than a dozen trips we’ve ever had decent weather getting through and by that town.

Written by Cecil Scaglione

July 26, 2014 at 8:36 am

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