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Take the Red Eye …

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… if you’re traveling  during the summer — or any peak travel season — to avoid getting jammed into a packed jetliner wedged between a dozen or so screaming, yelling, crying, complaining and bawling kids. Toddlers may be cute when they’re playing hideyseek around the airport boarding gate but they can  throttle any pleasure out of your flight because you can’t escape the destruction they do to the decibel level at 35,000 feet.

This jaunt was our first summer one in a few decades and  I discovered they’re also making the little people a lot louder these days. The red-eye out was peaceful and permitted us passengers to nod off for a few hours so we could enjoy the arrival day OK. We began the return flight to the West Coast from Back East at 3 p.m  and were left with no doubt it’s the last midsummer flight we consider for leisure travel. It was even difficult to read.

I did learn something else. While the arm rests in middle seats can be lifted out of the way simply by pulling up, the ones on the aisle always stubbornly refused to budge for me. A friendly fellow passenger showed me there’s a little button at the rear underside of the aisle armrest that you push to pull the armrest out of the way. It makes getting in and out of the seat much easier.

The hiatus in Pennsylvania and Canada was wonderful fun but it’s grand to be back home.


Written by Cecil Scaglione

August 7, 2014 at 8:06 am

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