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Preparing for Death Helps the Living

Several years ago, a friend in his early 40s who was the police chief in our city, was diagnosed with raging cancer and given a few weeks to live.

He called all his friends and colleagues to a night at a local club and hosted a farewell party. At the beginning of the evening, he told everyone of his situation, told them all to eat and drink up and that he didn’t wish to see them anymore because he wanted them to remember him as he was that night.

That was his funeral.

You don’t have to do the same thing. You can acquire a life-insurance policy payable on your death to be used to pay for the casket and caterer when you pass away.

You can pare the price by opting for less-expensive cremation rather than pay for an elaborate and costly sealed box to house your remains underground.

There’s no need to buy a pre-paid package from the funeral home down the street.

In fact, some two-thirds of the more than 70-million aging baby boomers do not perceive traditional funeral-home service as a good value. Slightly more said they do not trust funeral homes to not take advantage of people during their time of sorrow.

You can work out your own funeral plans simply and economically. First ask yourself if you want an elaborate service and several-day visitation or do you prefer a simple gathering of relatives and friends. Do you want to be buried in a casket or is cremation your preference? What does your family want? Discuss it with them.

Just as sure as you were born, with which you had nothing to do, you’re going to die, but you can so do something about the arrangements.

Written by Cecil Scaglione

January 20, 2023 at 2:00 am

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